Marine Corps League
Longview Detachment 959
1512 Alpine Rd, Longview, TX 75601

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We are currently accepting new members!
  • The Marine Corps League is an organization of Active Duty and Honorably Discharged Marines. We are the voice of all Marines, and we help our fellow Marine Corps Veterans.
  • We call out to local Marine Veterans to step forward and help us ensure the future of the Marine Corps League. If you own the title of The Few and The Proud, we would like for you to join our organization. You are still needed.
  • Membership includes a subscription to Semper Fi, the official magazine of the Marine Corps League, which is sent out quarterly.
  • Applications can be downloaded using this link: Membership Applications
  • Annual dues are currently $40.
    Note: All new members must be accepted, voted on, and approved by the organization.
    Existing members needing to renew can send payments to:
    Marine Corps League
    P.O. Box 9395
    Longview, TX 75608
  • Contact Us if you wish to apply or need additional information.


Current Members
Our current membership is comprised of roughly 111 Marines.

Our meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of each month, except December. We're busy conducting the "Toys for Tots" program in December.


Member Name Phone Email
Looney, David
private private
Matthews, Mike
Senior Vice Commandant
private private
Bennett, Kenneth
Junior Vice Commandant
private private
Jones, Patrick J
private private
Gunnell, Ken
Judge Advocate
private private
Johnson, Thomas
private private
Jones, Jim
private private
Pool, Joe
Web Sergeant
private private
Crutcher, Jerry W
Building Superintendent
private private
I, ____________, in the presence of Almighty God, and the members of the Marine Corps League here assembled, being fully aware of the symbols, motto, principles and purposes of the Marine Corps League, do solemnly swear or affirm that I will uphold and defend the Constitution and Laws of the United States of America and of the Marine Corps League.
I will never knowingly wrong, deceive or defraud the League to the value of anything.
I will never knowingly wrong or injure or permit any member or any member's family to be wronged or injured if to prevent the same is within my power.
I will never propose for membership one known to me to be unqualified or unworthy to become a member of the League.
I further promise to govern my conduct in the League's affairs and in my personal life in a manner becoming a decent and honorable person and will never knowingly bring discredit to the League, so help me God.


Member Died
Select Jerry Henderson 4 Mar 1999
Select James R Gibbons 28 Dec 2004
Select Virgil L Majors 16 Feb 2005
Select Charles A Ringler 6 Jun 2006
Select Tony Valentino 4 Feb 2007
Select Clifton Nettles 10 Mar 2007
Select Billy W Jackson 15 Oct 2007
Select Oscar Leverett 17 Aug 2008
Select William Troboy 28 Mar 2010
Select Thomas Webb 1 Aug 2010
Select William Yohe 16 Sep 2010
Select Leo Cole 6 Mar 2011
Select William Lawler 27 Jun 2011
Select Charles Taylor 12 Aug 2011
Select Frank Finegan 12 Nov 2011
Select Richard Peacock 17 Oct 2012
Select Jessie Herndon 2 Feb 2014
Select Vernon Rose 7 Aug 2014
Select Johnny White 14 Nov 2014
Select Larry Ransom 12 Jul 2015
Select Gordon K Hargett 13 Nov 2015
Select William Crim 25 Sep 2016
Select Dennis Campbell 19 Jul 2018
Select Wayne B Dolive 25 Jul 2018
Select Daniel Whyte 27 Oct 2018
Select Gary L McDonald 1 Feb 2019
Select Milton H Saxon 22 Mar 2019
Select Wade Young 21 Mar 2021
Select Virgil Anderson 1 May 2021
Select Mike Connor 21 Jun 2021
Select David Stroud 20 Dec 2021
Select Thomas J Tiefenwerth 12 Jan 2022
Select Jodie E Walker 6 Sep 2022
Select John Chism 8 Dec 2022
Select Leslie D Goebel 14 Aug 2023