Marine Corps League
Longview Detachment 959
1512 Alpine Rd, Longview, TX 75601

Calendar Events

From time to time, we will have upcoming events. These typically get posted to our Facebook page immediately as the information becomes available. This website can be a little slower with information because it takes a little longer to update.

Annual Events

  • Spaghetti Feed
    Every summer, we hold the first of our two (2) annual fund raisers: The Spaghetti Feed.
    Members of our league cook an original sauce and the spaghetti, and we serve the meals to our guests.
    • Tickets are typically $10 each and tickets are sold in advance (so we can anticipate how many are coming).
    • Dine-in, for an All-You-Want experience or
    • Take-out, with generous portions served.
    • Bake Sale items are available, and are donated by many of our members' spouces.
    Tickets are sold in advance. Some citizens buy tickets to show support, but never show. Tickets are also sold at the door.
    This event typically happens on the weekend closest to D-Day, 6 June.
  • Gun Raffle
    Our second annual fund raiser is a gun raffle. The make and model of what is raffled off varies from year to year.
    • We only print a small batch of numbered tickets
    • Tickets are typically $10 each
    Tickets for it will become available after the Spaghetti Feed.
  • Marine Corps Birthday
    Every year on 10 November, we celebrate the Marine Corps Birthday. If you served in the Marine Corps and would like to attend, please Contact Us for details. We do not always send out invitations.
  • Toys-For-Tots
    Every fall, we collect toys to give to children. Families must sign up for these toys in advance during October so that we have time to collect and package the toys for distribution in December.